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We started fencing in livestock back in 1985 and have tried a lot of different
styles. The 1.5" Electrical tape we use today was not the first supplier we tried
of this product but it is the best.
"Horseguard's" tape is the best priced out
performs the others.
We Do not even own a fly mask for our horses. We have used fly Eliminators
for several years. It has made major difference in the fly population. We use
and recommend
Purple Martins are the best control against West Nile. They eat about 2000
mosquitoes each a day. They may a little difficult to get established but they
migrate back each year
Horse Lodging Anywhere
If you are traveling about anywhere and need lodging for your horse check out
motels along the way for a facility that meets what you need.
Horse Fun in The Midwest
For information on Horse Stables, Boarding Farms, Riding Information, Equine
Resources, and Related Operations in the Midwest check out this
Horse Trails in the U.S.A.
Find Horse Trails and related activities in the U.S.A. At this Horse Trail Directory.

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General Information                                  PHONE NUMBERS             1-937-776-1318 JAN
                                                        1-937-776-0989 MIKE
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Top Of The Hill Stables
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A lot Good Quality Fencing keeps Horses Safe & Vet Bills Low!
The Use of Fly Eliminators Keeps our fly population very low.
The use of Fly Masks is not needed and bite marks are far and few between.